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Here at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi we are very proud of our diversity efforts. The diveristy commitee has compiled a diversity catalog. This catalog has a collection of all the different events that have been done here at the University. It includes events that are sponsored by faculty, staff members, and students. We are very proud of being a Hispanic-serving institution and serving the Hispanic population in South Texas. Dr. Hector P. Garcia represented pride in South Texas. He represented what it meant to get a college education. So, we are very happy to celebrate the diversity that we have on campus, including all the international students and people coming from other parts of Texas and the United States. Diversity is essential to the growth of a campus. It reflects the country that we are, the country that we want to be, and it celebrates all the differences and similarities that we have. We are very happy with the collaboration that we've gotten from everybody with their different diversity activities, whether it's a class that is being taught, a classroom activity, or something that somebody is putting on for our community.


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