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Diversity Catalog

Welcome to the Diversity Catalog

As one of the most diverse campuses in the Texas A&M University System, TAMU-CC’s vision for Inclusive Excellence is the active, intentional and ongoing engagement with diversity in learning, teaching, student development, and intuitional functioning in both local and global communities on our ever-expanding campus. By achieving and maintaining a diverse constituency in the campus community, the University will succeed in preparing students for living and working in an increasingly diverse and global society

Toward that end, the former Campus Diversity Committee developed the Diversity Catalog to capture the various campus efforts in support of the University’s commitment to Diversity.

The Diversity (Inclusive Excellence) online Catalog represents a compilation of impressive programs, projects, initiatives, and courses, all of which attest to TAMU-CC’s strong commitment to Inclusive Excellence.  The catalog allows colleagues across campus to better understand and be able to more effectively collaborate on inclusive excellence efforts, and also serves as a useful recruitment tool as we reach out to prospective faculty, staff and students.


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ArtCade Interactive Center Art Museum of So TX (AMST) Curator of Education 361-825-3508
Abul Qasim Masjid Muslim Student Association 361-825-5978
BPC: Broadening Participation in Computing COSE
Bilingual Education Student Organization COEHD Dr. Leo, professor and advisory for BESO 361-825-2346
Beta Theta Pi Greek Life - Beta Theta Pi Exec. Recruitment Officer 817-676-2985
Collaborative Ventures with Community Org. AMST Curator of Education 361-825-3508
Career Services Career Services Asst. Director 361-825-2629
Creating an Inviting Atmosphere COLA Prof 361-825-2368
Day of the Dead s/b Sugar Skull Workshops for Dias de los Muertos GAEC Director 361-882-7837
Dr. Diana Cardenas' Conscious Effort to Becoming an American Citizen COLA Prof 361-825-3026
ENGL 3320 The Bible as Literature COLA Prof
ENGL 3323 Literacy Perspectives on Young Adult Fiction and Poetry COLA Prof  
ENGL 4360 Literature and Gender COLA Prof  
ENGL 4361 Ethnic American Literature (incl. Chicana authors) COLA Prof Sullivan 361-825-5996
ENGL 4361 Ethnic American Literature (incl. Mx Am authors) COLA Prof Kirklighter 361-825-2263
ENGL 4380 Critical Approaches to Literature COLA Prof Jozwiak 361-825-5990
Early Childhood Development Center ECDC Principal 361-825-5953
Endowment Gives Non-Profit Groups Free Use of COLA Deam 361-825-2659
Family Health Fair      
Family Days AMST Curator of Education 361-825-3508
Fine Art of Summer Camp AMST Curator of Education 361-825-3508
Family Fun Night GAEC Director 361-882-7837
Family Literacy and Family Math Nights s/b new name Family and Learning Community Literacy and Math Nights COEHD Asst. Prof Tejeda-Delgado 361-825-2860
2ndGrade Literacy Program through Danc/Drama AMST Curator of Education 361-825-3508
Garcia Outreach Center AMST Curator of Education 361-825-3508
Graffiti Wipeout & Helping the Needy Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority - Ms. Dotson 832-725-0164
Holiday Camp AMST Curator of Education 361-825-3508
HIST 3340 Modern Asia COLA    
HIST 4327 U.S. Modern Popular Culture COLA    
HIST 4336 Mexican American History COLA    
HIST 4337 U.S. Women's History COLA    
HIST 4340 Europe and Women's History COLA    
HIST 4342 The Holocaust COLA    
HIST 4346 The Search for Modern China COLA    
HIST 4373 Mexico the Colonial Period COLA    
HIST 4374 Mexico the National Period COLA    
HIST 4374 Mexico the National Period COLA    
Investigating the Regional Economic Impact of COB Prof Lee 361-825-5831
Intercultural Communications Class COLA    
International Conference on Youth & Education COLA Prof McClellan 361-825-2697
Islander Lights Toy Drive UC & Student Activities Asst. Director 361-825-2231
Judicial Affairs Student Affairs Asst. Dean 361-825-2612
LSAMP: Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation COSE Prof Fernandez 361-825-3622
Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority President 361-994-7157
Moms and Tots (and Sometimes Pops!) AMST Curator of Education 361-825-3508
MHMR Project s/b new name Behavioral Heath Center of Nueces County CON & Health Services Asst. Prof Reinhart 361-825-3957
Making Music for the Masses COLA Prof Jose Flores 361-825-3746
Outreach/ArtReach AMST Curator of Education 361-825-3508
Omega Phi Alpha Omega Phi Alpha President 361-288-9168
POLS 3311 Women and Politics COLA Prof Jozwiak 361-825-5997
POLS 4315 Mexican American Politics COLA Prof Jozwiak 361-825-5997
PSYC 3325 Close Relationships COLA Prof Seidel 361-825-2619
PSYC 4332 Cross-Cultural Psychology COLA Prof Seidel 361-825-2619
PSYC 4367 Gender Issues in Psychology COLA Prof Seidel 361-825-2619
Participation outside the Classroom COB Prof Middleton 361-825-5533
Professor Helps Raise Funds for Jr. Achievement COB Prof Lee 361-825-5831
Providing Impact Updates COB Prof Lee 361-825-5831
Pre-Service Teachers Learning to Engage Hispanic Parents COS & Technology Prof McCollough 361-825-3166
Real World Experience Provides Opportunities (PSYC 4398) COLA Prof Seidel 361-825-2619
Recreational Sports Recreational Sports Director 361-825-3397
SOCI 3301 Cultural Anthropology COLA    
SOCI 3312 Racial and Ethnical Relations COLA    
SOCI 3315 Population COLA    
SOCI 3320 Sociology of Gender COLA    
SOCI 3321 Mexican American Women COLA    
SOCI 3370 Native Americans in North America COLA    
SOCI 4312 Social Class and Inequality COLA    
SOCI 4375 Graying in America: Sociology of Retirement COLA    
SPAN 1311 Spanish I COLA    
SPAN 1312 Spanish II COLA    
SPAN 2311 Spanish III COLA    
SPAN 2311 Spanish III COLA    
SPAN 2312 Spanish IV COLA    
SPAN 2313 Spanish for Native Speakers COLA    
SPAN 3302 Spanish Composition COLA    
SPAN 3303 Spanish Conversation COLA    
SPAN 3304 Spanish Civilization COLA    
SPAN 3305 Spanish American Civilization COLA    
SPAN 3307 Spanish Literature I COLA    
SPAN 3308 Spanish Literature II COLA    
SPAN 3309 Spanish American Literature I COLA    
SPAN 3310 Spanish American Literature II COLA    
SPAN 3311 Spanish Phonetics COLA    
SPAN 3312 Spanish Grammar COLA    
SPAN 3315 Civilizations of the Spanish - Speaking World COLA    
SPAN 4301 Spanish Civil War an Literature COLA    
SPAN 4302 Mexican Narrative COLA    
SPAN 4303 Spanish in the Southwest COLA    
SPAN 4320 Spanish in the Americas COLA    
SPAN 4327 Methods in Foreign Language Instruction COLA    
SPAN 4390 Topics in Spanish COLA    
Student Activities (Various Programs/Events) Student Activities Director 361-825-3644
Student Affairs s/b Student Engagement and Success Student Affairs s/b Student Engagement and Success VP 361-825-2612
Service through South Texas Rotary Clubs COB Prof Spencer 361-825-5802
Student Volunteers Teach Basic Economics and COB Prof Lee 361-825-5831
Small Group Communication Class COLA Asst. Prof Hansen 361-825-5753
TAMUCC America Reads GAEC Director 361-882-7837
TAMUCC Arts-After-School Program GAEC Director 361-882-7837
TAMUCC Family and Child Counseling (free) GAEC Director 361-882-7837
TAMUCC Anger Management Classes s/b TAMUCC PsychoEducation Classes for Families GAEC Director 361-882-7837
TAMUCC Advanced Video Projects Class COLA Asst. Prof 361-825-2273
University Counseling Center University Counseling Center Director 361-825-2703
University Health Center University Health Center Exec. Director 361-825-2601
University Housing s/b Islander Housing University Housing s/b Islander Housing Director 361-825-2612
University's Author's Day COLA - English Dept. Asst Prof Murphy 361-825-2452
University Preparatory High School UPHS-Flour Bluff High School Principal 361-694-9781
Visionarios Art Competition AMST Curator of Education 361-825-3508
Voluntary Income Tax Assistance to Low Income COB (Student Acct Society) Asst Prof Chambers 361-825-6012
WGST 3301 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies COLA Prof Hartlaubt 361-825-5994
LSAMP: Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation COLA Prof Hartlaub 361-825-5994
Working with Small Business Administration an (incomplete - CCRED Corp??) COB Prof Tillinger 361-994-2385